you got questions? yo, we got answers.

foreword: this is totally just sara writing all of these.

Q: Sara and Mat? Do you guys both shoot and edit?
A: Heck yes we both shoot! And our shots are very different — I can always tell his apart from mine when I’m going through them in post processing time without looking at the file names. This ensures lots of variety for you guys, and Mat’s work is all fresh and creative and stuff. As for the editing part, Mat likes to tinker, but I’ve been doing this a long time and I *love* sitting at a computer screen for hours on end (and snacking, all the snacking) whereas Mat would rather be chopping wood and/or fighting bears to keep his 8-pack hard and his biceps poppin’. So in the interest of keeping things consistent and relatively time-effective, I do most of the post processing.



A: short answer: anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 months, depending on my workload at the time of your wedding and depending on general life. trust: I don’t *like* keeping people waiting.
long answer: your glorious photos will be ready as fast as I can possibly get them ready, keeping in mind that i put a lot of freaking work into them. like, a lot. many many many hours. i like to select an amount of my favourite photos that i think are the “best” ones and just go to town on them. I take out double chins, back fat, under-eye bags, pimples, etc, and make you look as incredible as everyone else thought you looked (because only you would be like, “OMG MY BACK FAT”. I’ve got your back. literally.). You will still look like you. You might not even know I’ve done work on it. Then the rest of the photos undergo a basic edit to make the colours pop and make sure things are as good as i can possibly make them. I do use “batching” technology, but I do go through every. single. photo. individually and tweak it.


Q: Will we get every single photo you took during the day?

A: No. God no. You’d be going through 4000+ photos, some of which are majorly overexposed, or blurry, or you look like you’re having a seizure or pooping or something, or 2/3rds of the people in the photo have their eyes closed, or whatever. Keep in mind, the aforementioned scenarios are pretty much the only grounds on which I actually delete photos. So don’t think I’m holding out on you — I will give you every photo that isn’t total garbage. If it’s a beautiful moment but it’s a little blurry, I will absolutely still give it to you. Unless I have 10 clear ones of exactly the same moment. I will also probably move the pictures i take of Mat’s butt while at your wedding (it’s the greatest manbum I’ve ever seen) to my own personal collection, unless I get a sense that you guys love him that much in which case I will let you have those as well. warning: you will probably love him that much. expect butt photos.


Q: How does booking you for a wedding work? What’s the process?:

A: Here’s how it goes down:
1) you send us a message from the contact page, telling us your wedding date and location.
2) we’re all like HAY let’s meet up! because meeting is important. we set up a date to meet.
3) we meet, we love each other because you already read through our website and got a feel for who we are so you KNEW what you were getting into and loved it which means you’re cool which means we love you back.
4) you go home to “talk it over” even though you’ve already decided you want us
5) you tell us you want us
6) you give us $500
7) we put you in our calendar.


M o r e   i n f o
M o r e   i n f o