Come on, 2016!

Holy crap, 2015 was CRAZY. This post is going to be probably self-indulgent and scattered. Scroll to the third paragraph for a long-story-short kinda deal.

I’ve recently been seeing this article on the internet that talks about being self-employed, and it goes like this:

“work, family, sleep, friends, fitness; pick three”

… yep, sounds like our lives. My picks are family (because the 2.5 year old does not babysit himself and gosh darn he’s cute and fun be with), work, and sleep (ish, and i say “ish” because said 2.5 year old is *not* a good sleeper). Mat’s picks are family, work, and fitness. Unfortunately his constant physical labouring (because in our household, he does pretty much everything — cleaning, maintenance, renovation, yard work, looking after our 5 pets and 2 rental units — and this is, like, constant, and he doesn’t ever stop) and subsequent hot body doesn’t translate over to mine. So. Spending like 8 hours a day sitting at my computer tends to not lend itself to my being fit, and, let’s be real for a second (omg like i ever stop being real, but anyway)– I love pizza. And sitting. I love pizza and sitting.

And let’s not forget Mat + I are planning our own wedding for May of this year, which is probably going to be really disappointing to the masses who’re expecting us, the photographers and wedding experts, to have an epic wedding. The feelings will be epic, but everything else is bound to be pretty average.

Anyway, the point is that we shot a crapton of weddings last year and averaged about 5000 images per wedding, and since I *really* suck at being objective and deleting perfectly good photos just because there are 5 others that look really similar, this year we were delivering 1500+ images per wedding that I pretty meticulously agonized over in post-processing. By myself. So. I edited like 30 000 images in weddings alone, and that’s not including all the family, boudoir, engagement shoots, etc. SO WE’VE BEEN BUSY. And now we have no friends, so hopefully at least 10 people will remember these faces of ours that they haven’t seen in months and show up to our wedding. Which brings me to the conclusion of this post:

We shoot weddings full-time. It’s our only “job”. It’s incredibly time-consuming and we LOVE it and can’t even imagine doing anything else. We’re pretty much booked for this summer (don’t hesitate to inquire though — we do still have a couple dates open) and filling up for the summer of 2017.  I don’t spend a lot of time blogging or working on our online presence. I know I should, and I hope to find some more time to do it, but for now it’s gonna be a mix of mostly family, shooting, editing, and trying to sleep.

…and working on my pizza body. Please, though, by all means, ask to see recent work, because there are about 18 weddings we did this year that are insanely gorgeous that I just haven’t gotten around to posting yet. Hell, we don’t even have a working portfolio page. BUT IT IS NOT BECAUSE WE DON’T HAVE ENOUGH MATERIAL. Crap, man, we have material coming out our ears. We just lack the time. Or… maybe the time-management. Whatever.

I could ramble all day. I guess what I’m really trying to say is, “sorry there isn’t more beautiful fresh blog-substance here, and don’t think we’re not doing much because of it, ‘CAUSE WE ARE. WE DON’T STOP. Not for anything.” I don’t know which wedding I’ll blog next, BUT I WILL. THERE WILL BE BLOG. Eventually.

peace out, and here’s a picture of us being adorable (photocred: Jenn Van Son).

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