Private Estate Wedding in Cobourg – Bethany + Jon

see the pooch in the photo below? yeah? won’t be the last time in this post. if she could’ve followed her family to the reception at the best western cobourg, she would have. her name is tess, and this is the story of her family’s wedding on her very own family farm.


the girls were hangin’ by the pool when i showed up, robed and with funny partially-done hair.

i had just dropped mat off down the road at bethany + jon’s house (conveniently close to where bethany grew up) where the dudes were ABSOLUTELY NOT DRINKING ALL THE SCOTCH AGAINST BETHANY’S DIRECT ORDERS (you can always tell when i’m lying because i can’t do it without yelling).

moment of appreciation for the. coolest. COOLEST. EVER. bridal necklace. ever. a family heirloom. a freaking solid gold BULL. amazing.1F2A0429

the brother and the nephew were chuggin’ around 1F2A04481F2A0450

and the dudes were doing what dudes do — admiring themselves1f2a0451

the matron of honour doing what matrons of honour do — looking GORGEOUS.


and thankfully bethany eventually got her hair out of those damn curler thangs. 1F2A04691F2A04871F2A0503

the beautiful flowers from metro in cobourg — shockingly beautiful every time. i mean, really! METRO! so good.1F2A0516

beautiful gold wedding shoes to compliment the amazing bull necklace. bethany got the shoes ON SALE and jon was hilariously proud. “THAT’S MY GIRL. she loves a deal.”

looks like it’s just about go-time! 1F2A0630

the VIEW. i want to pay to have my wedding at bethany’s family’s place. LOOK at it!1F2A06311f2a06321f2a06331f2a06341f2a06351F2A07201F2A0723

whatchu glarin’ at, boy?!


the proudest mama and papa.


Oh! hey tess! yes you’re absolutely welcome in the ceremony!


just starin’ at a fly in front of her face. no big. no wedding going on or anything.


weddings are tiring.

the mark of a GREAT matron of honour — holding down the veil so it doesn’t blow all up in the bride’s face. THANK YOU CHANTELLE!1F2A0845

on the left below is where bethany DROPPED the ring. a true canadian country gal, she said, “oh, SH*T” while scrambling to pick it up. it was recovered fully in tact. whew.


and suddenly she’s scottish!


and now she’s gay. just for a minute. 1F2A1063

time for cham-pag-nah

ok, serioustime.


this is mat’s picture of what it actually looked like while i tried to take this series of photos. bethany is SO not a photo-obsessed bride. very obliging, but laughing at me all the time for trying to make them be all romantic and stuff. 1f2a1154

but LOOK HOW SWEET THEY TURNED OUTdurham wedding photographercobourg wedding photographer1f2a11811F2A11821F2A1190

i’m a sucker for hair-tucking.


bethany, once again, thought it was hilariously lame, but did it anyway! thank you!1F2A11951F2A1201

somewhat rolling her eyes, no doubt at me. speaking of eyes, they’re so friggin’ beautiful. golden. 1F2A12081f2a1217cobourg photography

ah, yes, here’s tess again with the other tagalong of the day – braydn! hubba hubba. he’s single, everybody, and he rescues dogs and loves cats. 1F2A12411F2A1252

braydn also photobombs like a champ. 1F2A12621F2A1271

tess is definitely one of the girls. 1f2a1280

so we must include her in the girly photos!1F2A13091F2A1337

what an absolutely magical driveway this is. 1F2A13481F2A13621F2A13681F2A13761F2A14001F2A1407

tagalong #2 back again for more shenanigans.

to the reception! where there’s a martini iceblock that bethany quite literally told me to go put my face under. i love her. i love her so much. 1f2a14951F2A14961F2A15701F2A16261f2a16301f2a1631

speeches, blah blah, lots of fun stuff, 1F2A1668

lotsa glass-raising


and then bethany and jon give their speech. and it goes like this:

jon: WE’D LOVE TO THANK EVERYONE FOR ALL THE THINGS, AN–*bethany starts yelling*1F2A1728

YOU, thank YOU!


and thank YOU, for _______


AND WE’RE GOOD. party on.


and party they did.


obligatory photographer selfie!


let’s use this ICE BLOCK! with FURY! (for you, ceilidh)1F2A18671f2a1868

go groom go!


then i was like, hey matron of honour, will bethany do a funnel for a picture? and chantelle’s like, “OH, SHE’LL DO IT. I’LL GET HER”

and do it she diiiiiiid


once again, everyone — braydn is single and ready to mingle. well, maybe he’s not ready to mingle. i don’t know. but he is single. and look at these MOVES. 1F2A19351F2A19451F2A19721F2A1995

boogie with the bride – who changed her dress! smart. 1F2A20271F2A2028

as always, you will find me at the end of the night at the cupcake table. eating cupcakes. MAT_5198

i hope they took one home for tess.

that’s a wrap!

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