Sam + Tony’s Timber House Wedding {by Sara + Mat}

It was pretty cold, and it was pretty muddy. But there were Louboutin shoes, and Sam + Tony are pretty much the coolest. They ASKED US to BE in their pictures. And a few weeks after the wedding, they invited us over for the largest array of wine and cheeses and other things that go with wine and cheeses I’ve ever SEEEEEN. Also important to note is that they’re pretty good-looking. So that’s a plus. Thanks, guys.

Mat and I like looking at each other, so of course we pointed our cameras at one another a few times here and there (which fulfilled Sam + Tony’s request for pictures of/with us) but as beautiful as we are, we just couldn’t compete with this wedding and all its elements.

A glorious day, indeed. Thanks for sharing with us, Mr and Mrs!

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M o r e   i n f o
M o r e   i n f o