Backyard Rice Lake Wedding in Gores Landing

“backyard Rice Lake wedding in GORES LANDING OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG”<— my reaction when I found out where this incredible couple was getting married. I actually grew up on Rice Lake myself, so I’ve got some pretty epic feels surrounding the area.

Kayla and Cameron have been together since Kayla was SIXTEEN. She’s the most radiant little ball of sweet, sweet fire with an infectious laugh and a smile that could melt a glacier. She’s also gorgeous, so basically I hate her. Kayla and Cameron decided to have a backyard Rice Lake wedding in Gores Landing, on the property where she grew up. So, like, there was no lack of sentiment.

Cameron likes to work his wood. I mean, not necessarily *his* wood, but like, anybody’s wood I guess if they’d allow it. Wherever he can get the wood, I mean, I think he likes to work it. I mean, with it. HE LIKES TO BUILD THINGS. Kayla loves camping (in the cold, on purpose, apparently, freak) so Cameron built her a “Love Shack” (out of wood! and stuff) down the property from the house right by the ceremony site for them to stay in on the wedding night. WHO NEEDS HOTELS?! They don’t need hotels.

Kayla legit canoed into the ceremony, like a boss. All the guests were looking up to the house waiting for her to walk down the lawn and she straight up ambushed that shit from the lake. People stood up and smiled and laughed and cried and I was literally bawling because 4 musicians were sitting close by playing HARVEST MOON and there was such energy and joy I couldn’t even almost hold it together. The damn speeches in the damn beautiful goddamn damnit reception made me cry like an idiot too. SO TOUCHING. SO. TOUCHING. ugh.

There’s probably a lot more I could/should say, but I’d end up going on forever and swearing oh so much more, so here are some pics. Please enjoy this lovely Rice Lake wedding.


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